Valley Stream South PTSA Membership dues are $10 for parents, $10 for faculty, and $5 for students. (Checks payable to VSS PTSA)

A new online membership eCard system has been developed by NYS PTA.

• The traditional paper card is being replaced by a virtual eCard that will be emailed to members upon purchase of a membership.

• Members will have the ability to print their eCard if desired, or they may simply have it present on their mobile device.

• Members make dues payments in person or online.  Online credit card or echeck dues payments will include a 75¢ service charge.

• For those members who do not have email or the capability of printing their own card, please let us know.  Your printed cards can be picked up at our monthly meetings.


With the new Online Membership System, NYS PTA has built in three different ways for an individual to become a member:

Register in Person, Pay in Person

This is the method closest to the way Membership has been handled in NYS PTA for the last 100 years. An individual comes to a meeting or event, or is sent out a registration form and their information is captured on paper and payment is received directly from the member by the unit. The unit will then enter the member’s information into the Unit Portal on the Online Membership System, where an eCard is generated and emailed to (or printed for) the member.

membership application pdf 
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Register Online, Pay Online

This is the method our members have been asking for. An individual will go online to the link that the unit will provide and can enter their information directly into the Online Membership System. Once they select their membership type and enter their information they will be able to make a credit card payment for the amount of their membership, plus a small convenience fee. Once the payment has been processed, their information goes directly into the Unit Portal and their eCard will be generated and sent automatically to the member. This method requires no interaction from the unit. 


Register Online, Pay in Person

This is a hybrid method offering the member the opportunity to enter their own information online, but still pay the unit directly with a check or cash. Individuals will be given the same link to sign up as above, but would select “Pay In Person” after entering all their information. This will send their information to the Unit Portal, but will not generate an eCard until the individual makes a payment in person and the unit marks them as Paid. 

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